Innovating sustainable agriculture solutions


The Agricultural Revolution

Smart farming practices are accelerating innovation in agriculture as we all move towards a more sustainable future.

We work with every type of farmer to meet their challenges

Regardless of farm size, farmers need to grow healthier, more productive plants. They face increasing pressures from climate change, soil erosion and biodiversity loss, and from consumers’ changing tastes in food and concerns about how it is produced. We work with growers to get more out of their crops while keeping workers safe and farms profitable. Farming must be financially rewarding or farmers will leave the land. We also help to open up markets and make sure farmers get a fair price and a reasonable profit.

Agriculture Technology

So much more goes into safely feeding the world than the ingredients on our plates. Whether it’s soil quality, availability of clean water, or the effects of climate change, the global farming community is constantly having to overcome challenges to grow fresh produce for a rising population while taking care of the planet. From autonomous robots to satellites and cutting - edge science, farmers around the world are deploying new technologies to help them work in smart and cost - effective ways.

Research & Development

Our Research and Development (R&D) meets the challenges farmers face by providing them with crop protection and seeds innovations that are sustainable and safe for people and the environment.