Syngenta Korea Empowers Young Farmers for Success


                                                                                  The selected 24 young farmers with Syngenta Korea team.


Syngenta Korea has launched the second group of its 'Syngenta Young Farmers Network' program, dedicated to supporting young farmers in achieving successful farming practices. The kick-off event took place at the Syngenta Korea Iksan plant, attended by the enthusiastic participants, Syngenta Korea staff, including JinBo Park (President of Syngenta Korea), and Pamela Gonzalez (Head of Asia Group, Syngenta Asia Pacific).

The selected group of 24 young farmers will receive active support, including personalized 1:1 agronomy consulting from technical experts and access to our crop protection products for effective pest and disease control. Su-won Seo, a returning participant, expressed her excitement about the program's benefits, while Sang-yoon Park, cultivating shine muscats, shared her aspirations for producing even tastier and healthier crops.

JinBo Park emphasized Syngenta Korea's commitment as a leading company in sustainable agriculture to develop innovative technologies for farmers and nature. Through the Syngenta Young Farmers Network program, the company aims to enhance productivity and sustainability in Korean agriculture, working closely with the new generation of farmers who will shape the future of the industry.

Aligned with Syngenta Korea's 'Good Growth Plan 2.0' initiatives, part of Syngenta's global project for agricultural sustainability, the Young Farmers Network program has already garnered positive feedback, with 92% of participants from the previous year acknowledging its significant benefits.

Pamela Gonzalez, during her visit to the kick-off event, expressed her anticipation for the program's activities. She emphasized the importance of enabling farmers to create a sustainable future and pledged active support for the development and execution of solutions and programs that benefit not only young farmers but also contribute to the overall sustainability of agriculture, given Korea's significant position within the Asia Group.



                                                                        Young farmers and Syngenta Korea employees discuss farming challenges


Syngenta implements customized programs tailored to the agricultural environment and needs of each country. Highlighting successful initiatives such as the 'Farmers Center' model in Pakistan and Bangladesh and the 'GroMore' program in Korea, Pamela underscored the comprehensive services provided in collaboration with partners, including credit facilities, machinery rentals, and weather insurance, as well as the use of innovative technology to reduce labor, carbon emissions, and enhance yields.

Considering the challenges faced by many Asian countries, such as climate change, labor shortage, and limited access to technology, Syngenta believes its solutions and programs can provide valuable support in addressing these agricultural obstacles. The company will also prioritize digital solutions to provide convenient and efficient access to agricultural technology education and information for farmers.

Syngenta remains committed to empowering young farmers and cultivating a sustainable future for agriculture. Stay tuned for updates on the inspiring journey of our Young Farmers Network participants. Together, we can create a thriving and resilient agricultural landscape.