Healthy soil – healthy crops #SoilCare

Thought leadership

Healthy soil is the foundation of healthy crops. This may seem obvious, but it is only in the recent past that a widespread focus on soil health is acknowledged as a fundamental part of good farming practices. This is particularly the case in Asia, where smallholder farmers would understandably prioritize the immediate need of providing a livelihood for their families over longer term concerns like soil management. But this is changing. Poor quality soil leads to declining crop yields which has a direct impact on livelihoods. Nurturing the soil pays short and long term dividends in crop quality, yield and profitability.

I got to know about Hetram Sharma’s story from the Syngenta team in India. He had tried multiple solutions from his friends and family to improve his soil condition, but he saw no improvement with his yields. Then Syngenta reached out to him through the #SoilCare program, which was launched together with the Indian Society of Agribusiness Professionals to help farmers like Hetram.
As part of this initiative, soil test samples were taken from Hetram’s farm and a detailed report helped him understand his soil composition and the recommendations for crop improvement. Now, his yields are thriving and he’s confident that this will benefit not just him, but his family too!
Read more about how this program has impacted smallholders in India here:

Authored by:
Chris Argent,
Head of Business Sustainability,Syngenta APAC