Rosita countering crop viruses with technology

Thought leadership

Globally, plant pests and diseases are responsible for up to 40% of food production losses every year. Increased climate change activity will lead to more outbreaks of pests and diseases, hurting the profits of farmers and reducing food security in the region.

With digital tools, we can empower farmers to defend their crops and safeguard their livelihoods. I’m glad that Syngenta’s portfolio of digital solutions have benefitted farmers like Rosita, in the Philippines.
With the help of my colleagues, she now uses one of our apps to easily access agronomic advice from experts. This helped her to identify the virus plaguing her fields, purchase the products to eradicate it, and increase her profits.
Empowering Rosita and farmers across the region to succeed is exactly why we constantly invest in innovative digital solutions.

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Authored by:
Alexander Berkovskiy,
Regional Director Syngenta APAC