Protecting Crops

Keeping plants safe from planting to harvesting


Syngenta Crop Protection keeps plants safe from planting to harvesting

We’re the world leader in protecting crops, providing farmers with advanced and sustainable ways to keep plants healthy from sowing to harvesting. From the moment a seed is planted through to harvest, crops need to be protected from weeds, insects and diseases as well as droughts and floods, heat and cold. As a world market leader in crop protection, we help farmers to counter these threats and ensure enough safe, nutritious, affordable food for all – while minimizing the use of land and other agricultural inputs.

Putting a safe, sustainable and flexible toolbox into the hands of farmers

Farmers of all sizes in all agricultural systems must meet the needs and expectations of food processors and retailers, consumers, society and our planet. Crop protection is one of the world’s most highly regulated industries. To gain and maintain registration, a chemical must be shown to be safe for workers, the environment, crops and consumers. Syngenta is a world market leader in crop protection products, offering farmers an extensive toolbox of solutions. We develop and produce herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and seed treatment products that promote strong and healthy growth. Our products and solutions protect crops and enhance the ability of plants to defend themselves. They can be based on world-class chemistry or naturally occurring substances and processes (biocontrols). We bring these together with new monitoring techniques, precision application, fast-developing digital technologies and new breeding techniques. Whatever the solution, we take our responsibilities seriously when it comes to making each one safe and sustainable for farmers, the whole of society and the planet.

Innovating crop protection for the future

Protecting crops means investing significantly in research and development. We don’t find active ingredients by chance. We design them and it can take 8 to 10 years to reach commercial launch. Pests and diseases are a constantly evolving threat, and the changing environment makes it even harder for farmers to grow their crops. So, we’re accelerating the pace of our innovation to meet constantly changing natural threats and society’s increasing expectations. Whether we design a breakthrough ‘blockbuster’ molecule or develop an active ingredient for a specific purpose, our product development is driven by scientific insights gained by working closely with farmers in the field. We include safety and sustainability criteria from the very beginning. To create successful solutions, we need diversity of ideas and expertise. We don’t work alone but have collaborations with many partners such as universities, research institutes and sustainable agriculture experts.

Professional Solutions

Our Professional Solutions businesses offer a range of plant health solutions for professional turf managers, professional growers, professional pest managers and consumers. Through a combination of Syngenta’s world-class science and global expertise matched with investment in new and emerging technologies, we deliver innovative solutions to protect the places where you live, work and play.

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