Syngenta Professional Solutions

Keeping the places where you live work and play safe from pests


At Syngenta Professional Solutions APAC, we work to bring new and emerging technology to help our customers better manage the ever-continuous changing environment at one place, ensuring safe and inspiring spaces that drives productivity and sustainability and yet remain connected to nature. 

Our Professional Solutions businesses offer a range of plant health solutions for professional turf managers, professional growers, professional pest managers and consumers.

Through a combination of Syngenta’s world-class science and global expertise matched with investment in new and emerging technologies, we deliver innovative solutions to protect the places where you live, work and play. At work, you demand safe and inspiring environments that help drive productivity, are sustainable and connect us to nature. Where you live and play, nothing captures your imagination more than amazing outdoor and indoor spaces that we use for our pleasure and entertainment. Our changing world demands more from these spaces and the professionals that manage them. Syngenta Professional Solutions works to help make these environments more inspiring and keep them uninterrupted by pests and diseases, sustainably.

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Professional Pest Management

We are going beyond chemistry to develop the next generation of pest management solutions that integrate controls and technology to enhance pest management business and keep the places where we live work and play uninterrupted from pests and vector-borne diseases.

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Turf and Landscape

Our turf business delivers innovative solutions to improve the quality and playability that the world’s most amazing golf and sporting spaces need, while Syngenta Landscape protects trees, improves amenity spaces and keeps our world moving uninterrupted by invasive plants and pests.

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