Syngenta for Smallholders

Enabling farmers to create the future


Smallholder Farmers Dream

Farmers of all sizes in all agricultural systems must meet the needs and expectations of food processors and retailers, consumers, society and our planet. Crop protection is one of the world’s most highly regulated industries. To gain and maintain registration, a chemical must be shown to be safe for workers, the environment, crops and consumers. Syngenta is a world market leader in crop protection products, offering farmers an extensive toolbox of solutions. We develop and produce herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and seed treatment products that promote strong and healthy growth.

The young farmer who returned to his roots
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A woman of steel - made of rice!
AUW-Syngenta Scholarship provides daughters of farmers with opportunity to pursue higher education

Future of Ag

Climate change is an existential threat, and we need to act before it is too late. The effects are a huge challenge for farmers and farm workers trying to ensure the world’s supply of food. The Covid-19 pandemic has further highlighted the fragility of the agriculture ecosystem, putting even more strain on those earning a living from farming than before.

Our Good Growth Plan aims to take on these challenges by making agriculture more resilient and sustainable and driving a better, greener, recovery.



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