Agriculture Technology

Accelerating innovation in a changing world


So much more goes into safely feeding the world than the ingredients on our plates. Whether it’s soil quality, availability of clean water, or the effects of climate change, the global farming community is constantly having to overcome challenges to grow fresh produce for a rising population while taking care of the planet. From autonomous robots to satellites and cutting-edge science, farmers around the world are deploying new technologies to help them work in smart and cost-effective ways.

This is a unique moment in the history of agriculture. In earlier times, farming was a trade passed down from one generation to another, the farmers of tomorrow are coming well equipped with digital knowledge and skills. Over the past 30 years, tech- and innovation-focused sustainable agriculture has moved to become a major trend.

We believe that helping growers make better, data-driven decisions will lead to better outcomes for farmers while protecting our environment.

Asia Pacific

Farmers in Asia face challenges on multiple fronts, be it climate change or other global events. Our food supply chains depend on them, so a lot more needs to be done to help our farmers and their crop withstand these crises. At Syngenta, we see it as our job to ensure that we are not just protecting our crops but protecting the people that grow our crops.
Asia’s farmers need access to the latest technologies, to increase crop yields, improve productivity, and farm sustainably. A key priority for us is to bring these much-needed solutions to farmers in Asia Pacific, be it in the form of digital apps or tools, crop protection products or even knowledge of better farming methods. We also need to make sure they are rewarded fairly for their work. Our vision for Asia Pacific is to contribute to a thriving and resilient agriculture sector – one that is centered around farmers. With the power to equip farmers to make smart decisions, build knowledge and connect them to resources and partners, digital innovation is key to shaping this future.

Cropwise Grower Application

We are seeing farmers across the world tap into data to access customized, actionable information in real time. Farmers are also using drones to farm more effectively, by reaching crops with less physical labor. For example, sugarcane farmers in Thailand that we are working with, are seeing better yields and quality crops from their use of drones, resulting in improved profits.
The rapid growth of smartphone penetration across Asia allows us to put the power of digital into the hands of every smallholder farmer, especially those in rural areas. We are seizing this opportunity with the development and launch of our latest Cropwise Grower app, which is tailored to fit the needs of Asia’s smallholder farmers. More than a mobile app, it will serve as a digitally-enabled ecosystem to provide farmers with all the resources they need to succeed.

To farm sustainably, our farmers need timely reminders and guidance. Cropwise will allow this education and the 2-way interaction with our farmers will help us track both the recall and implementation of these sustainable practices.
Cropwise Grower app will tell farmers when to plant, how to plant, and what to do when there are problems. At the touch of a button, farmers can:

(1) self-diagnose any pests or diseases on their crops

(2) access agronomic advice on the most appropriate type of seed or crop protection to apply

(3) connect directly with Syngenta’s partners, allowing them to find solutions to all their pain points

Our goal is to harness technology to transform food production throughout the region. By helping farmers grow their crops more sustainably, increase yields and improve profitability, the launch of Cropwise Grower is a step in that direction.

The Agricultural Revolution

Smart farming practices are accelerating innovation in agriculture as we all move towards a more sustainable future.


Our Digital Capability

We have established digital engineering teams around the globe and recently acquired platforms like Strider and Cropio. These acquisitions have launched Syngenta into the leading position for global digital farm management, making us the only agricultural company in the world with access to top farm management platforms in the world’s top four agricultural markets.