Cultivating the next generation

The Asian University for Women scholars

           The Asian University for Women scholars with the Syngenta Bangladesh team


Expanding on the Syngenta Scholarship program in partnership with the Asian University for Women, Syngenta Bangladesh has recently provided laptops to several scholarship recipients.

Hmangaihzuali, a scholarship recipient has mentioned that “having the ability to access online courses, research materials and easily collaborate with other students has made a significant difference”. 

But the support from Syngenta does not end there. 

Syngenta Bangladesh has more in store for our leaders of tomorrow. In the works are a series of office visits and internship opportunities, designed to offer valuable real-world experiences, and opportunities to learn more about what Syngenta is doing for the world. The exposure to diverse perspectives and immersive learning environments will go a long way in helping to inspire the new generation.

Shanjida Nahar Sumona, a recipient of the scholarship mentioned that the laptop is akin to “having a smart friend always there to assist” her in her work. Expressing her gratitude, she has also mentioned that the chance to meet professionals from Syngenta has been inspiring and is a source of motivation for her to do well in her studies.


 The Asian University for Women scholars with their new laptop


With the scholarship and the laptop, recipients can fully concentrate on their studies without much worry for finances. 

We are proud to have played a role in helping the future of the next generation have adequate access to resources and creating new pathways for their success.

Our future looks bright.

Learn more about the Syngenta Scholarship Program and how we are empowering women from rural farming communities in India and Bangladesh by clicking this link!