Let’s Talk Ag

Thought leadership

Growing up, I never had to worry about getting my next meal, and I would like the same for my children and the future generations.
We cannot take food security for granted any longer. Today, we live in a vulnerable world exposed to risk factors that threaten our crop productivity and access to nutritious food. When you consider the rising global population and the corresponding rise in demand, the gap in productivity needs to be closed.
I believe that there are three things we need to get right: increasing crop yields, adapting to climate change and embracing digital transformation. With about 85% of the world’s smallholder farmers supporting our agriculture ecosystem here in Asia, our farmers are very much at the core of this mission.
I discuss these here in Syngenta Let’s Talk Ag video and would love to hear your views about what we can do together, and how we can help farmers to embrace the change.